BTS’ RM pushes his long hair back with a hairband and ARMY

BTS’ RM debuts new hairstyle

When it will come to becoming an complete hottie, RM confident does make it to the checklist! With his impeccable seems to be, and now very long hair, it comes off as no mystery that enthusiasts have pretty a concrete rationale to go gaga around the BTS rapper.
Try to remember how a couple of days in the past RM hinted at obtaining a haircut? Yep, which is right. The BTS chief took to Instagram to hint that he may go again to his 6 MM minimize aka shorter hair. Of training course, Military screamed a huge ‘heck no,’ and seems like he did pay attention.

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BTS’ RM needs to chop off his prolonged hair but all Army can scream is ‘hide the scissors’

At least for the time currently being! Getting to Instagram, RM shared but a different adventure of his as he goes Namjooning with his ideal good friends. And if it isn’t really very clear by now, his lengthy hair however seems to be really significantly intact. Raise your fingers if you just exhaled a sigh of relief!

In fact, not only has he thoroughly embraced his very long hair, but he also appears to have located a idiot-proof method to hold his luscious locks out of his eyes. And if you are wondering, yep, he bought himself a headband. And indeed he appears to be like like a complete heartthrob in his new hairstyle.

Gushing above the BTS rapper, a single Military commented, “I have always identified it desirable anytime I’d see a guy wearing a flexi headband. Joon is aware what he is accomplishing….”Going down the same route, yet another fan experienced to say, “I had no notion I necessary joon with a headband until now.”

If this isn’t a apparent indicator of how a great deal fans are loving his extended hair, then we will not know what is! So Joon, we hope this motivates you to keep the scissors away from your hair for a little bit longer. But of course, the BTS star is bound to appear phenomenal in any hairstyle he opts for.

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