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Paper-Tubes™ Factory supplies luxury Custom Paper Tube Packaging & Core Products, The material of CardBoard Tube is the Paper which is specially made for roll, support, or wrap. Custom Paper Tubes become necessary in different industries

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Paper tube boxes are a kind of paper packaging, using paper as raw material, somewhat recyclable for secondary use, good protection, waterproof and moisture-proof, and have a heat insulation effect. Round paper tube boxes are cylindrical and can be used as perfume tube boxes, lip balms tube boxes, poster tube boxes, food tube boxes, wine tube boxes, etc. And the overall appearance of the paper tubes is beautiful and colorful. The structure’s shape is varied and can be an alternative to glass as a packaging material.

Paper-Tubes™ is a manufacturer with nearly 20 years of production experience, providing ODM and OEM services, each one is customized to your specifications and branded with your design. 

What is a cardboard tube?

Custom cardboard tube packaging is made by rolling and gluing 100% recycled raw kraft paper onto tubes with metal molds of different diameters, and after the glue in the tubes has dried, they are cut to the specific lengths required by the customer. Thus, both tube diameter and tube length can be customized to fit any product you want to package according to your specifications. The tube can be laminated with a layer of aluminum foil inside as a food-safe packaging tube box. Many other customization options are available, such as inserts, lids, etc.

What are paper tubes used for?

The rounded state of the cavity tubes is their point of interest and makes them easier to fit round cans, jars, and container compartments than other rectangular paper container boxes.

1. Cardboard tubes can be used to package food, solid or liquid, and food paper can be packaged for most food.

At present, the market uses paper cans packaging more food, typical candy, dried fruit, crisps, seaweed, biscuits, coffee, chicken, salt, sugar, rice, milk, drinks, liquor, etc. For food packaging, paper cans with paper as the raw material are green and have good sealing to meet the food industry on the sealing needs of the packaging and thus ensure the safety of food.

2. Cardboard tubes can also be used to package cosmetics, such as daily skincare products, lipstick, perfume, make-up, etc., can use paper cans packaging.

In the cosmetics industry, the application of cylindrical paper can packaging, breaking the square, rectangular carton of the traditional form of packaging, cosmetics to enhance the grade, look more elegant, attract the eyes of consumers, to achieve better marketing results.

3. Cardboard tubes can also be used for various gifts, electronic products, and children’s toy packaging.

Paper cans’ packaging structure is complex, and then with hot stamping, UV, spot color, drums, and other unique technology, can achieve a variety of packaging effects, many innovative packaging on the market, more use of paper cans packaging, enhance the product image, thereby enhancing product competitiveness.

There are many benefits to using cardboard packaging.

You could be mistaken for cardboard packaging that tends to shake or burn when wet; however, cardboard is a resilient material that remains a strong contender in the competition. There’s a reason you see so much cardboard packaging, so we’ll tell you why.

Why choose cardboard tube packaging?

The round shape of cylinder tubes is their advantage to better fit round bottle, can, and jar containers than other rectangular paper carton boxes. Custom cardboard tube packaging with lids suits many applications. They are ideal for packing small glass bottles, such as hemp oil bottles, CBD oil bottles, vape bottles, and cosmetic essential oil packaging like beard oil bottles or jars. Big cardboard tubes are also a suitable packaging for wine glass bottles. Kraft cardboard cylinder tubes are also popularly used as t-shirt packaging, coffee, and tea storage containers. They are also a good option for candle packaging.

These cardboard cylinder tubes are made with durable cardboard from sturdy kraft paper, with 2mm thickness indestructible wall can resistant to crushing and won’t

highest quality materials and the latest production methods to bring your designs to life. Many of our products are made from 100% cardboard and are environmentally-friendly packaging.

Custom Size/Heigh/Thickness Paper Tubes: We have different Size for you to choice

Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm)
20 10–250 8–15 130 10–250 8–15
30 10–250 8–15 140 10–250 8–15
40 10–250 8–15 150 10–250 8–15
50 10–250 8–15 160 10–250 8–15
60 10–250 8–15 170 10–250 8–15
70 10–250 8–15 170 10–250 8–15
80 10–250 8–15 180 10–250 8–15
90 10–250 8–15 190 10–250 8–15
100 10–250 8–15 200 10–250 8–15
110 10–250 8–15 210 10–250 8–15
120 10–250 8–15 220 10–250 8–15

Different Material, Printing, Finishing Paper Tubes

 Ivory Cardboard, Coated Duplex Board, Corrugated Board, Art Paper, Etc.


 1. Size: Customized
 2. Shape: Rectangle, Square, Circular, Oval, Especial Shape, Modern Design,
 Classy Style all of these we can offer to you.
 3. Accessory: Magnet, Ribbon, EVA Form, Plastic Tray, Sponge, Flowers
 PVC/PET/PP Window
 4. Usage: Gift, Food, Tea, Wine, Cosmetic, Other paper tubes, Etc
 Offset color printing, Pantone, CMYK, UV Printing
 Surface Disposal
 Gloss/ Matte Lamination, Glitter, Embossing, Creasing, Foil Stamping,
 Of Printing
 Die Cutting, Oil Printing, Screen Printing
 AI is the best one for printing, PDF or JPG is also workable


 Free similar sample is available in our stock for checking the quality
 Samples will be shipped by courier
 Delivery costs can be negotiated
 Delivery Time
7-15 days after confirming your order
 T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money gram, and Alipay

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What are the different types of cardboard cylinder tubes?

1. According to the shape, the shape of the market is now more round barrels, square barrels, flat barrels, and prismatic barrels. Among them and the most common round barrels, now many supermarkets those wine are using round barrels, both beautiful and generous.

2. According to the lid points can be divided into two kinds, one is rolled edge, that is the upper and lower bottom cover are cardboard, there is a do not roll the edge, the upper and lower mounted on the iron cover (or easy to pull the cover).

3. According to the distinct styles: 1-piece cardboard tube; 2-piece cardboard tube, and 3-piece cardboard tube.

One-piece paper tubes, also known as single paper tubes, are widely used as plain kraft shipping tubes or mailing tubes without color printing.

Sourced from kraft paper tubes, custom printing is suitable for creating tailor-made tube packaging for retail packaging.

The choice of finishes and coatings can enhance the appearance of the packaging, increase the selling price of the product and boost marketing efforts.

Available in a variety of materials with end caps, a cardboard tube is perfect for shipping, mailing, and packaging wines, spirits and bottles, diplomas and certificates, and gift packaging.

Two-Piece Paper Tube, or telescopic (retractable) tube, consists of a cardboard base (tube body) and a cap (slide) to create a cap box-style paper cylindrical carton.

Creative packaging styles add novelty to the packaging and help the brand stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke printing with additional coatings such as foil stamping and lamination creates a branded, attractive, and luxurious retail package that enhances product value and strengthens marketing efforts.

Custom sizes allow the tubes to fit just right for a variety of retail products, providing premium production protection during handling and transportation.

Two-piece cardboard tubes are ideal for primary and secondary packaging of a wide range of consumer products


Three-piece tubes, also known as docking tubes, fully retractable (telescopic) tubes, or flush cardboard tubes, are the most common tube type used in a variety of retail applications and industries such as beauty and cosmetics, health and personal care, home fragrance, cannabis, CBD, wine and spirits packaging, consumer electronics, household, and food packaging.

Different Lids and Bottoms For Your Cardboard Tubes

Ture beauty lies in the details. This also counts for our cardboard tube packaging. This is why, besides offering a range of printing techniques, we also offer numerous different top and bottom closures that will offer a perfect finishing touch to your custom-made tube packaging.

In addition to the standard cardboard sleeve; we also offer a range of different closures for you to choose from. These include ear caps, aluminum coffee seals, airtight metal stopper caps, metal pull caps, and even caps made from wood, bamboo, and cork! In addition, we offer the possibility of designing customized lids in different shapes and made from various materials. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will be happy to help you find the proper closure for your customized cardboard tube packaging.

For the bottom of the tube, we also offer a standard cardboard bottom and a range of different customized options. Examples include colored aluminum bottoms, paper bottoms, wooden bottoms, or cork bottoms. We will ensure that the bottom of your tube matches the cap and the overall design perfectly, providing a unique and outstanding finish for the entire box, taking your product branding to a whole new level!

Different surface paper-wrapped custom cardboard tubes packaging

Cardboard tubes are made of recycled kraft paper, so the natural color of the tubes is brown kraft paper, but we can wrap different colors of paper on the surface of the tubes to make colorful tube packaging, both inside and outside. Brown kraft top paper can be simply printed in color and looks natural.

White-coated paper is most commonly used for printing full-color artwork, just as they are for wrapping other gift box packaging because the coated paper is the best paper to print on for high-quality printing results. This allows for full CMYK printing and provides a premium look that is not dull or glossy like some matte and glossy finishes.

Kraft paper: Brown kraft surface papers are commonly found on the inside and outside of cardboard tubes. Most of them are printed in one or two colors on natural packaging. These are perfect for an eco-friendly appearance.

Black surface paper: Both internal and external tubes can be wrapped in black surface paper. Usually, they are custom printed in white ink. White ink doesn’t work well. It needs print times to make it clear published.

Different trays to hold the products

You can pick plastic or froth addition to put inside the cardboard cylinders to best accommodate your item, for example, whole oil bottles, so they won’t move around in the cylinders if the cylinder has some additional room inside.

The froth shading can be white EVA froth, dark froth, and dim shading; they are the most widely recognized utilized. Once in a while, the paperboard embed is additionally applied.

Various Printing and finish on custom cardboard tubes cylinder packaging

White-coated paper’s commonly used surface finishing is gold/silver stamping, silkscreen printing, embossing, debossing, lamination, and spot UV. Only the lamination can not be used on kraft paper tubes due to the surface of kraft paper no coated layer for lamination. Others are ok.

Are you looking for recycled Paper Tubes for packaging?

Yes, please talk to us anytime, At Paper-Tubes™ ‘s factory, we offer various color tubes. If you have any questions about our products, services, or paper tube packaging in general, do reach out to us by calling on +86 18688898544 (Wechat/WhatsApp) or emailing us at [email protected], or filling out our online contact form. We also offer 24/7 emergency services in case you want paper tubes delivered on short notice.

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